Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's Your Birthday

Well, it's officially March 4. It's Jamie's birthday and unfortunately we won't be celebrating because of my surgery. We did go out to Perkins for supper last night, which was kinda nice. So, today there won't be birthday cake, maybe a fudgsicle later on after the surgery. ;) I'm having pain now, and I've already taken 2 tramacet and 4 acetemenophen with 8mg codeine. It still hurts. The surgeon assures me that my quality of life will improve after this. It can't be worse right? It's almost over, I hope I survive the surgery and that I don't fall apart from not being able to nurse my son for 24 hours. Since it's anesthesia and it affects brain function, I don't think I want to risk it. The poor baby can't fall asleep if he's not nursing so tomorrow will be a difficult day for Jamie especially. I'm going to make this birthday up for him. He is the BEST father and husband in the world. He loves me so much, and I know it.

Happy Birthday, my pet!!! I love you more than I can even express! :D