Monday, March 31, 2008

DH's First Layout & WINNER!!!

My DH is the cutest fellah, ever!! I love him sooo much...he really puts up with me a lot... I always poke at him to try and scrapbook... he has expressed interest in making an acrylic album after he saw the one I made... I will be getting after him on that one, and I'm thinking I might need your help.... ;)

For now, I just wanna show you the cute digi layout he made! He comes up to me, and says, "This is how I would do it," all cute like. I opened our shared docs on my computer and had tears in my eyes from laughing at this hilarious (and somewhat *cough* loud) layout and at the sweetness of his effort...and seeing our sun and his love for his "friends." Check it out, leave him some on it to see it bigger. Your eyes won't burn, I promise. ;)

Now, that most of you probably skipped over that part...maybe I should wait to announce the winner until tomorrow, to get you to read all that, and see if the winner is encrypted. ;) teehee. No, I'm not that without further ado....the winner of the "grand prize rak" and I say grand prize because so many of you left comments for me, I wanted to add a mini prize winner. ;) So, *cough* by random draw the winner of the blog candy is irisbleu!!!

And just because I wish I could afford to send out a package to everyone, and I would!!! I decided to pick another winner for a little something... and that person is: lori!!! by random draw! :)

So you ladies email me or PM me or something with your mailing addresses!! I must say I really had fun doing this... and looking forward to doing the next one...which involves helping out DH and a very nice GC!!! So, please...stay tuned!!! I need your help! ;)


irisbleu said...

OMG!!! Me?? I won?? Woohoo!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

I think that LO is sooooo cute!!! I really really love the title! The tiger print looks like cloth when the pic is bigger. Of course that baby needs no words but he's a cutie pattotie. DH should do more LO's. He's really good at it.

Shannon Wyman said...

Love your sons layout... too funny!

Congrats ladies, enjoy your goodies!!

Lori said...

Wow very cool!!! Thanks soooo much!!

Tex said...

Congratulations to the winner of the goodies! Goodies "must" be Good! *wink*

For me ... I'm still looking at the "more than interest --- totally trying" of your hubby! HUGE KUDOS!!!! Way to go!!!

(I have to PROMISE 'not' to bring this up to MY DH!) I'm sure you will understand!

:o) Bev Gerard

Amanda said...

Congrats Joce!! Enjoy your goodies!!

And tell DH is first digital layout rocks!! And I can't wait to see his acrylic album!!

tealeyes said...

Way to go ladies! Congrats!

Chriss Rollins said...

DH's LO is just great if he can do it i must have a go at it one
i look forward to his acrylic album.
enjoy your candy girls.