Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Birthdays, Surgeries and Swaps

Today is my birhtday. Yes, yesterday was Jamie's birthday. He is 3 years and 1 day older. :) However, neither of us had a fab birthday because my surgery was yesterday. I actually had to stay overnight due to some minor complications. I'm pretty sore and beat up today, my neck for some reason is incredibly stiff, no idea why. I thought I was resting comfortably for the most part...who knows...maybe stress of trying to keep my abdomen "still."

Jamie brought me some cute potted daisies, a nice candle and magazines...get this...a CK mag and a Papercrafts mag....I seriously melted in my daze...cause that was too cute. He loves seeing me create, but he's never got me anything scrappy, so it just was super sweet! :D He got me the best card too..remember the game, "Operation?" Yeh...well it looks like that and when you open it, the nose lights up...I freaking love it. :) I'll try and get a scan of it later along with the birthday card I made him. He got me a sweet card for my birhtday too, that he let me appreciate before the surgery. :) Along with a bucket of creme eggs that I can't eat.... lol. I guess it's a good test of will power.

Of course, in all my soreness, I am feeling especially creative. However a lot of things I have to reach and bend for, and I just can't quite do that yet. So, I am working on some recipe swap cards. A chocolate recipe swap no less. I'm doing Chocolate Mint Desert. mmm chocolate brownies. So, I am handprinting up all the cards at my desk. it's not bad, just 7 cards...nothing exciting since it's a small 6x6 my bazzill is a minty kinda green and chocolately brown. Writing in brown zig, and we'll see what kind of space I have for embellishing....

Ok, off to write a little, and then try to get comfy on the couch for American Idol with my sweetie...who is currently making some yummy cinnamon bread. :) AND supper. :)