Monday, March 31, 2008

A little toot :)

I'm going to be a guest designer for Rhea, next month at Savvy N' Sassy. Rhea specializes in ribbon kits, and I'll be working with the *ZZ April Kit #1 - Take Five*. Thank you for the opportunity! :)

DH's First Layout & WINNER!!!

My DH is the cutest fellah, ever!! I love him sooo much...he really puts up with me a lot... I always poke at him to try and scrapbook... he has expressed interest in making an acrylic album after he saw the one I made... I will be getting after him on that one, and I'm thinking I might need your help.... ;)

For now, I just wanna show you the cute digi layout he made! He comes up to me, and says, "This is how I would do it," all cute like. I opened our shared docs on my computer and had tears in my eyes from laughing at this hilarious (and somewhat *cough* loud) layout and at the sweetness of his effort...and seeing our sun and his love for his "friends." Check it out, leave him some on it to see it bigger. Your eyes won't burn, I promise. ;)

Now, that most of you probably skipped over that part...maybe I should wait to announce the winner until tomorrow, to get you to read all that, and see if the winner is encrypted. ;) teehee. No, I'm not that without further ado....the winner of the "grand prize rak" and I say grand prize because so many of you left comments for me, I wanted to add a mini prize winner. ;) So, *cough* by random draw the winner of the blog candy is irisbleu!!!

And just because I wish I could afford to send out a package to everyone, and I would!!! I decided to pick another winner for a little something... and that person is: lori!!! by random draw! :)

So you ladies email me or PM me or something with your mailing addresses!! I must say I really had fun doing this... and looking forward to doing the next one...which involves helping out DH and a very nice GC!!! So, please...stay tuned!!! I need your help! ;)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

blog candy *chuckle*

You guys posts below are making me smile, and some of you are making me laugh!! Thank you! :) One more day to leave comments, I wish everyone could be a winner!!! :)


By the cute Kelli Crowe.

Random 7 things about me:

1. I hate bananas, but I love banana flavoured runts..weird or what?

2. When reading a book, I always read the very last page first, then I can resume reading the book. :S

3. I am really introverted, I think people take that for snobby or stand offish sometimes.

4. I am a pretty darn good cook...but I hate cooking. :(

5. I own a pair of crocs I wear all the time, but I think they are the ugliest thing EVER!

6. I never watch matching socks. :o I only wear them in winter when I need to wear runners...sockless all summer.

7. I still cry when I think of grandpa...he died 22 years ago.

Ok... I tag:

Lori M

Let's hear 7 random facts!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Time to pass on BLOG CANDY!!!

Ok, this is my first blog candy here, so please bear with me! :) Lovely, Kendra at Paper Dreams selected me to win some blog candy, just for leaving comments on her blog....HINT! ;) I think it's a great idea I will incorporate into my blog, now and then...this and that! My prize was a gift certificate to Ellen Hutson . Thank you so much Kendra!

So, here is my first little blog candy...for spring, you will receive 200 of each colour of these dew drop like "thingies" that are all the rage amongst card makers. ;) I haven't decided yet if I want to ship them in a glass bottle or not... I do know that 1200ish won't fit in one bottle lol. ;) You'll also receive an assortment of "springy" K&CO papers in say... 6x6? OH HECK!! I've decided to add an assortment of primas too! ;)

All you have to do for me is tell me what town you live in :) I will leave this open until Sunday night and then I will do a draw! If someone finds their way here because of you, I will give you an extra draw!

I hope someone out there reads my blog!! These dew drops are lonely! ;)

ETA: Those who are not sure what they are, here are some examples:

Doodle This

Cherry Shake

I'll Follow

These are so new to me, that I haven't even had a chance to use them, but I want to share with you! :D

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Well, well, well my little say you weren't sleeping on the way to the lake did you? You were positively sure and tried to convince me I was wrong...until I showed you the PROOF!! lol. I thought it was hilarious. You are such a big boy already, that sometimes I forget that you are still very much a LITTLE boy. You were 7 here, last summer...and just like most children, fall asleep in the car on a long soothing ride. I love you so much. xoxox

(click image)
Most people know (I think) I'm not the biggest fan of Love Elsie...but I think I can handle it in small i used a strip above and below the photo...just a dab! The buttons are all from the mm garden party blossoms &buttons box, and the colours matched the American Crafts (circular dot) pp perfectly!

Later on I will show you my Sally Ann finds that I am super excited about!! :D

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A mini canvas

Well, not really. I wish it was. It's done on a 6x6 piece of textured bazzill. I love it, it's so cute! I can still frame it though, just not the way it is, without a frame. I used basic grey and all paints are HS. The dots are a mask, and the lines are stamped with corrugated cardboard.

(click on picture)

Friday, March 21, 2008

You're's true

Ok, so one of the challenges at the Just Cre8 crop is to make a layout with the title "I am beautiful," and to list 5 things that are beautiful about you, including a physical trait. This layout was NOT easy for me to do. I am very unhappy with my self right now...I have lots of work to do. This layout was a bit therapeutic though, I encourage you to try one too!

(click to enlarge)
The patterend papers are my new love CC Get Happy. Except for the large circle, that is some older American Crafts pp I cut up. I am sooo in love with the doodlebug Loopy Lou letter stickers..they are just too cute!!

Get Happy

This new line by Cosmo Cricket is so much fun! It makes me happy just looking at it! I made this card for my little cutie Martin. He won't be 8 until June, but I thought it would be perfect for it will get tucked away until then.

(click for larger image)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I forgot one sweet little boy...

It is in fact that I actually have 4 kids, not 3! *teehee* I left this page out it seems down below, poor little cutie! This one I KNOW you can click to see bigger, so here's some love for my son Martin!

Monday, March 17, 2008

My clear album

So, I know this craze isn't new...but how many of you have these clear acrylic albums in your stash.....untouched?!? This one is a 6x6 scalloped one by Rusty Pickle. Almost all (95% of the products) are mm Love Story.


Like I said, almost all the products are mm love story.... if you have any questions about other products, let me know! :D

Oh booooy!!!

I have something BIG to share!!!


Although, it may not be big to me it was a huge step. I actually completed a 6x6 clear album!!! DH took some pics, although it's already dark out and we had to use the lamp (yellow coloured) I don't know if it will do my album justice.

I was sooo intimidated to do one, and with a challenge it gave me that extra push, and I am so super duper pleased.

STAY TUNED!! *giddy*

Saturday, March 15, 2008


In honour of Spring next week, I've completed this layout. I'm also hoping it brings some luck in melting this snow fast!! Our temperatures have been ranging from -8 to about +7 these past 2 yes the snow has been's leaving dirty brown snow, I hate that!

(click on layout for detail)

The "spring" letters are chipboard bling from the dollar store, some older CB papers and a bunch of mm garden party buttons & blossoms. A couple of the flowers (on top of large felt flowers) are prima, and some hs jewels (rounds and flowers) as centres!

OH!!! Let's not forget!! This was my first time sewing on a layout, I'm quite pleased!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Peek ·a· Boo!

Phew, I just finished this layout, it's just after 1 am...and I am heading off to bed. These pictures of dd are 3 years oldish...maybe a little over 3 years..actually I guess this summer it will be like 4 years old. Feels good to get these cuties scrapped!

(click me for detail...promise I look cuter bigger!)
You know, I'm not a fan of Tinkering Ink..but there were a few sheets of it in my February JustCRE8 kit...and cut up like this, I kinda like it. I also used some fancy pants chipboard to create a damask pattern to mimic the paper...I coated them with blue and red paint and poured the red and blue doodlebug sparkles over top...I LOVE these sparkles..and the bottle looks just as full as when I started tonight!! :o The cutie flowers are mm clear glittery cuties I picked up at Michael's...and the best part....they're self adhesive!! woo woo! The letters are Thickers chipboard, my first time using them...not impressed with the adhesive, and I'm not as crazy about thickers as everyone else in general.

K, time to blow this popsicle stand! Nite!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is a scraplift of Kelscraps_4_Two on one of the forums I visit. She had this ingenious idea of using the bright AL paper cut like so:

(click on image)

I added some of these super cute doodlebug stickers, and there's little surprises's hard to see but there is a HS Cherry bling to the left of the word sweet...and the little brackets, that's a transparency I cut and glued with a zig underneat the picture and the pp on either side. I didn't want to put the whole glossy transparency across my picture and it was too short for what I needed it it works!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blog Obsessed and UNITY!

I must admit, I'm a bit of a blogaholic....I browse blogs daily...I have more blogs linked than I can possibly read, and then I get to a blog that's linked to another great blog...and it's such a horrible cycle!!! I've come to giving myself an HOUR of blog time a night, that's it. I need to have time for my family.

I wanted to share a link with you to this company:

Unity Stamp Company

What a NEAT and innovative way to stamp. You have to check out the way their stamps work. I'm not good at explaining stuff... I ramble on too much. Check out the site...serious stuff there, folks!! I can't wait to try some of these stamps out myself!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Jamie's Bday Card

Well, I said I would post Jamie's bday card up here, I just haven't been feeling the greatest...everyday a little better, but none long enough for me to want to sit at the computer for an extended period of time. This is a little coupon I threw into Jamie's card. I wanted to get him a hedgehog for his birthday, but the timing hasn't been right to get a I gave him the coupon and whenever he's ready I will go buy him one. Isn't the hedgie adorable. :D

This was the card I made for him, using the stamps from my JustCre8 February kit. Looks like the colours scanned a bit funky. All the patterened papers are Scenic Route Loveland. This may seem like an odd birthday card, but to me it worked because his birthday is March 4 and mine is March 5. Well, is what it is. LOL. I still think it's cute. :D

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Birthdays, Surgeries and Swaps

Today is my birhtday. Yes, yesterday was Jamie's birthday. He is 3 years and 1 day older. :) However, neither of us had a fab birthday because my surgery was yesterday. I actually had to stay overnight due to some minor complications. I'm pretty sore and beat up today, my neck for some reason is incredibly stiff, no idea why. I thought I was resting comfortably for the most part...who knows...maybe stress of trying to keep my abdomen "still."

Jamie brought me some cute potted daisies, a nice candle and magazines...get this...a CK mag and a Papercrafts mag....I seriously melted in my daze...cause that was too cute. He loves seeing me create, but he's never got me anything scrappy, so it just was super sweet! :D He got me the best card too..remember the game, "Operation?" Yeh...well it looks like that and when you open it, the nose lights up...I freaking love it. :) I'll try and get a scan of it later along with the birthday card I made him. He got me a sweet card for my birhtday too, that he let me appreciate before the surgery. :) Along with a bucket of creme eggs that I can't eat.... lol. I guess it's a good test of will power.

Of course, in all my soreness, I am feeling especially creative. However a lot of things I have to reach and bend for, and I just can't quite do that yet. So, I am working on some recipe swap cards. A chocolate recipe swap no less. I'm doing Chocolate Mint Desert. mmm chocolate brownies. So, I am handprinting up all the cards at my desk. it's not bad, just 7 cards...nothing exciting since it's a small 6x6 my bazzill is a minty kinda green and chocolately brown. Writing in brown zig, and we'll see what kind of space I have for embellishing....

Ok, off to write a little, and then try to get comfy on the couch for American Idol with my sweetie...who is currently making some yummy cinnamon bread. :) AND supper. :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's Your Birthday

Well, it's officially March 4. It's Jamie's birthday and unfortunately we won't be celebrating because of my surgery. We did go out to Perkins for supper last night, which was kinda nice. So, today there won't be birthday cake, maybe a fudgsicle later on after the surgery. ;) I'm having pain now, and I've already taken 2 tramacet and 4 acetemenophen with 8mg codeine. It still hurts. The surgeon assures me that my quality of life will improve after this. It can't be worse right? It's almost over, I hope I survive the surgery and that I don't fall apart from not being able to nurse my son for 24 hours. Since it's anesthesia and it affects brain function, I don't think I want to risk it. The poor baby can't fall asleep if he's not nursing so tomorrow will be a difficult day for Jamie especially. I'm going to make this birthday up for him. He is the BEST father and husband in the world. He loves me so much, and I know it.

Happy Birthday, my pet!!! I love you more than I can even express! :D

Monday, March 3, 2008

Brand New For Today....

Wanted to share the layout I finished today. Everything in it is using my February kit at Just Cre8. Not much to share tonight...tomorrow is the surgery, so I'm off to have a bath and relax for a bit. Don't the skulls look cute stamped on patterned paper? (BTW, my daughters swimming suit has skulls on it!)
(Click to enlarge)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Some stuff

First of all, Donna I just wanted to say that I love having you keep me company here. :) I'm too skeered to share my blog with people and risk being laughed out of town!! LOL

Secondly.... I bought the cutest mini composition books at the dollar store today... I think they're 3x5ish...and they were 4 for a So, I'm using it to store challenges/swaps in the forums I frequent. Instead of papers here and there, and losing my info. I feel so organized! :D

Lastly, I wanted to leave you with what has quickly become one of my fave layouts. My two handsome boys... I LOVE this photo so much, and I am glad I didn't wreck it by mucking up the layout!! LOL. I love when you get that feeling of REALLY loving your layout. Yeh, my style is probably simple...but I'm not out to impress people....I won't lie I've tried out for a couple design teams...but meh, I'm not really what they look for. :S I used a sketch from Lecia's Page Plans! GOod stuff I tell ya!

(click me to enlarge)
Some info: Mellow BG die cut.. I think they're supposed to be cherries, but how cute is it to look like flowers? The lines for the journalling were stamped 3 times, it was actually a journalling stamp with tapered lines at the top and bottom, with quotations... I just masked them out with paper because I wanted all my lines the same length. The top and bottom are some rubons from K&CO Smitten.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Winner!

I must say, that I LOVE sketches a lot. Often I will start with a sketch, and then it will look NOTHING like the original. I have a lot of sketches printed off, on my hardrive, bookmarked and hand drawn....I REALLY should get to using them more often!

Anyways, I was a winner for February (random drawing) on Just Cre8! I get my layout featured on the blog and a $10 gift certificate to the store. Since I already get the kits, I'll just order something when the next kit is shipping near the end of this month... probably stamps or felt..?

On a side note, the kits from this site are AMAZING. Jam packed with get a set of stamps that are exclusive to the site, and these are good quality acrylic stamps with a very well designed image. SOOOO worth it!!

Check out my feature here: Just CR8 Blog

Something a little different...

I decided it's finally time to scrap a picture of my car. I used real life CSX emblems! :0 Hence, I couldn't scan the layout and had to take a pic... I prefer to scan my layouts in...because I can never get them even taking a photo. Anyways, here is my car...she'll be a year old in May. :D This car (a Honda product quite obviously), as an Acura CSX is only sold in Canada. The colour is Royal Blue Pearl. Premium edition.

(click on photo)
Journalling reads:
A few favourite features:
·power glass moonroof
·heated remote control mirrors
·dual chrome exhaust tips
·integrated turn signals on door mirrors
·HID headlights
·leather interior/heated seats
·6 cd changer (with song display)
·steering wheel mounted controls
·outside temperature gauge
·keyless remote entry
·(digital speedometer/gas gauge)

In brackets is what I added after the pic was taken of my layout. There are a ton of cool things about this car, like the whole steering system is electronic.... :o yeh! Service reminders, driver side foot pedal... I really could go on... but it all boils down to, I love my car. :D