Sunday, March 1, 2009

Does it need a title?

I always struggle to find titles for posts, do they really need them? I guess it's a good way to break them up. Maybe I'll start posting random titles. :o

I made this layout using mostly February kit from Just Cre8. I still have 2 more months to go with the kit, as much as I love's getting to costly with the shipping. I'm really focusing on spending less money. I don't really buy much of anything anymore. As for scrapbooking, I have SOO much stuff, I'm trying to use stuff up.

Not everyone would get this layout, but it's an Austin Powers quote. I thought it would be funny to do this layout like this because of Kara's pose! I love the flourish rubon (MME) tucked into the corner above the strips...and it's one of those layouts that turned out I'm quite happy with!

Also, it's hard to see, but on the right side, there's some pompom trim tucked underneath one of the strips! It's so cute! That was from the Chocolate Kisses kit at Savvy N' Sassy!

When I get on a roll with layouts, they get better and better for me! I haven't scrapbooked in 2 weeks though, and no idea when I will...but I fear I will hate that layout! lol

I was supposed to go yesterday to crop all day, but I hurt my shoulder/ bed. It wasn't THAT exciting LOL, it was the way I slept or something. It was so bad that I couldn't turn my neck... it's still pretty sore today, but no need to take anything stronger than a couple tylenol with codeine for now...

Anyways, that's it for now. I need to go bra shopping, and this is something I dread.