Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I joined Curves on Tuesday...I am SO ready to quit being fat! I've done this before..then I done did get pregnant and now it's time to focus on ME again. My turn! Tomorrow I am going to Curves to go through the circuit with a staff member and then I'll be good to go 4x a week after work and maybe even Thursday mornings when I drop Kara off at school.

I pledge to myself to get healthy and happy. I remember what that felt like when I lost 50 pounds before! For sure, I'll be spending less time on the computer..I already have. Somethings in life are just more important. Instead of being parked here for hours on end, I can use that time wisely instead of moping about how I look.

I'm in the process of starting a weight loss blog as well. Today I worked out on the elipitcal for the first time in YEARS. I thought I would die after 30 seconds...but I managed 20 minutes! I also had the pleasure of doing yoga with Bob from the Biggest Loser! ;) He's kind of cute! lol

Wish me the best! I want happiness!


Jocelyne said...

I wish you all the best in your journey. I too am joining Curves sometime next week. Waiting for certain papers to be signed first. I already have my weightloss blog set up. I've had it for a while just never told anyone about it.

Aleks said...

Joce, I remember your first post on that blog.... maybe it was a different one?

redmom said...

I know you can do it, stay strong and focused!!!

Boo said...

You can do it Aleks! You sound very determined and that is the best attitude to have. Don't beat yourself up if you have a lapse in judgment. It happens. Life goes on. You'll do great!!!!

Shanna said...

Send some of that motivation over here! Keep up the good attitude!

Laura said...

good luck with your journey Aleks, you deserve it!