Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Jacqueline congratulations!!! You have won a ribbon kit and chipboard! :D Email me aleks-81 @ hotmail . com, and I will send it out to you right away! Oh, and ((((hugs)))) to you...hoping all the best!

Thank you everyone for sharing your difficult stories for me, big and heart goes out to all of you! xoxo

In other news, I made brownies first time ever. They were actually saucepan brownies... I had only maybe 1/2 a cup of cocoa left and most brownie recipes are calling for 3/4 cups. I guess if I didn't bake so much, I would still have cocoa! HA! ;) Anyways, I found a recipe in my Hershey's book...(yes, it's all ChoCOLatE!) that didn't need cocoa. It was quick, it was easy....and it was FUDGY!!! mmmm. Just what I needed right now....

LOL ;)

Finally, here is a layout I finished tonight with my new ribbon kit for my Savvy N' Sassy Design Team:

All new goodies here...this CBX paper was just tooo delicious to resist! I've got paper out the ying yang stash is replenished, and I should be sent to my room without supper! For months! ;)

This is the yummy kit I am working with:

It's called A Dino Under the Bed, and it's fun and boyish and blue and brown and that's good!

Finally (another finally), I applied for a well paying night job. I am hoping to get a phone call for an interview there, so cross your fingers for me. It's not in my field of work, it's telephone work and it's a full time night position...and I might be crazy to admit this, but I really, really enjoy being a shifty! *blush* OH! They also give you a free gym membership to the YMCA! :D

I also have a possible interview at the Acura dealership..but it's gotta pay better! Cause that gym membership is a pretty sweet deal!

Please, keep me in your thoughts that I find a full time job quickly, Alexander is going to daycare on September 22 and we need the money coming in to pay for it! My part time job will pay for it...but not too much else!