Friday, June 13, 2008

My Scrap Space Part I

Well, first of all, thanks everyone for your encouraging words, I really appreciate it! I had a difficult day today, I am really depressed about the work/daycare situation. Because of the shortages, my options are limited. The spot available, may not be worth it... I will explain that in another post, maybe over the weekend.

Today, I just want to share some pics of my scraproom...well corner I guess...scrapbook nook? LOL. It's actually a corner of my living room, behind the large sofa. This post will be in several parts (teehee) because there is just too much to fit into one post...and if someone walks away with a good idea, hey!

Don't mind the white walls, we're renters. *sigh* Anyways, if you wanna see anything closer, as usual click on the pic!

Ok, I had a spice rack in my kitchen that NEVER got used. Seriously the parsley...had turned white. :o So I cleaned the jars out, reserved those for later...might need them? lol. Most of the spices I use come in a container that is just more convenient, anyways. Wasn't too sure what I was going to do with it...but then *click* I thought how awesome it would be to see my HS paints! There's 12 colours, so it worked out perfect! Check it out: This glass SO filled with can't even SEE all the yummy ribbons..because this seriously holds like 12's MASSIVE!!! I picked it up at Value Village last week for 5.99. It still has the Made in Romania sticker you can see on the left..hehe. I was actually looking for a cookbook, when I saw this in the corner of my eye...and I hummed and hawwed, cause 6 bucks, and I'm trying to be frugal....but you know what, it was a good deal! Jamie said just get it, cause you'll regret it later! (He knows me so well!) Another awesome find is this WAY COOL spice rack. At least I think that's what it's meant to be? It holds 6 of these air tight snap jars. I love this beyond belief. I've had it for a couple months was holding different flowers, but I've reorganized all my flowers today. 4.99 at Salvation Army. What do you think, cool eh?

Here is a close up view, I've decided to put in all those Got Flowers? in know the ones where we had to have a dozen jars of? Wow, Prima sure has come a long way!
Here is a view of that whole setup. It's on top of my hutch on my desk. Paints in the back, the FREAKING cool jars in front of it...then I have (a few) doodlebug sugar coating bottles in front of that, and then the stickles glitter glues in front of that.
This is the jar that held those ribbons in that GINORMOUS jar posted above, until today. This was such a score for me. 2.99 at Salvation Army. The ribbon is what I had in mind for it! Now it is full to the brim of primas...literally thousands, don't be fooled by it's size! It easily holds over 4 litres for sure! The primas are SQUISHED in there! :D
Now, the mm jar is recycled. It was the Love Story Embellishment Jar. I've stuffed as many of my mm buttons in there as it could hold. I have a little more of them, but that's all I'll get in there! The buttons are no longer up here with the flowers/paint/glitter. I changed my mind and keeping all my buttons together.
The cool jar, is from a candle. One of those large $10 ones at Walmart, it was tri coloured. I got the labels off by using an alcohol swab, and the rest of the icky wax, by turning it upside down in the sink and running hot water on it. The wax slid right out!
This is the small size of Dollarama square jar. It comes in 3 sizes. You can see how I used the large one for candy back in the February posts. This contains most of my mm florals/felt flowers.
Another candle jar! These things are so reusable, eh? I love this one, because of the awesome lid. It's a special jar. Jamie bought me a really nice candle when I was in the hospital as part of a little gift bag he brought for me. :) There are 2 boxes of Prima Essentials 3 in here! :O
Ok, I LOVE these little jars..soooo cute! .99 at Value Village! Hello, can you go wrong? This one holds 2 colours of prima sprites or something like that, you can see the yellow at the bottom, kaiser craft flowers in all colours and a hunkload of prima painterlies..oh yeh, I'm hooked on prima painterlies!

Another .99 jar! This one holds 2 packages of mm glitter flower clears. Love these little guys, and I need them out so I can remember to use them!
I couldn't resist grabbing one more .99 jar! lol I was giddy as I washed them, knowing they would hold little treasures. This one holds the large HS flowers, Bazzill flowers, Heidi Grace sparkly ones, and misc others.
Who would have thought! Using prima bottles to store flowers! LOL. The far left is a jar full of Dollarama felt flowers. There is 3 sets. The last 2 hold prima Heavenlies. I really wanted to cram the blue/pink in one jar...but they're a picky bunch!
I have 6 of these cute mm jars from an embellishment set. I've decided to recycle them for button use. This jar holds a set of MME Just Dreamy buttons, in Star Bright. I couldn't resist them after getting a few in my May Just Cre8 kit. An impulse buy, that I don't reccommend lest you need therapy after... $6.99 for 100 buttons! :S

Everything on the left side of my hutch:

The centre of my hutch:

The right side of my hutch:

Here is what the top of it looks like all together. Minus the buttons, I've moved those to another location. :) I wanted to keep my buttons together. I definitely need more buttons though!
Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing part of my scrapbook room! There will be more in the future.... but it sure is a lot of working taking the pics/uploading/posting!

Don't forget to check out your local thrift stores for awesome jars! I'm addicted to jars!

Have a great weekend! xoxox


Anonymous said...

OMG Aleks!!! You must have every flower and stickles on the market or pretty much close to it. I also love all your jars!!

stampinc said...

This looks so cool. I love how you arranged all your FUN stuff. What a great and creative idea.

Sue said...

I love jars! What a great way to enjoy all your "art"!

Carol Weimer said...

What a beautiful and elegant way to display the things you love the most...embellishments. Keep it'll have your space finished in no time.

Boo said...

oooooooooohhh I love all your jars Aleks!!!! What a great way to store all your flowers, ribbon and buttons!!!