Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Sometimes, I wonder why I blog...I don't really have readers, I guess I don't really "share" my blog either. *shrug* Nothing much to share today but some weight loss stuff.

Anyways, I had WW tonight...and for the first time in weeks I've done good. I think? I lost 2.8 after 9 weeks, 10 if you wanna count the one I skipped I am down 4.4 pounds. Sick. Sad? lol. Anyways, I am lucky enough to have such a caring leader, and we've been emailing back and forth all week and we've discussed many a thing. I really did do well this week. I feel particularly motivated and inspired for the coming week.

Week 1: First Weigh In (UGH!)
Week 2: -2.4 (yay)
Week 3: +.2
Week 4: -1.4
Week 5: ? (My scale obsession sabotaged me, and I was too depressed to go)
Week 6: +4.0 (Ugh...everything went down the drain with my depression)
Week 7: -.4 (not much of a loss, but only tried half heartedly)
Week 8: -1.2 (Admittedly, I didn't try overly hard)
Week 9: 0 (A little better than half heartedly...but had a bit of a revelation thx to my leader!)
Week 10: -2.8!!!

Hurray for week 10. Despite the sad ups and downs, I've made it through 10 weeks, learned a lot about myself, and have committed to trying harder and working out more frequently. I'll admit it here, sometimes I am too lazy to work out and rather do other "sedentary" things.

So, after 10 weeks I've lost 4.4. There are 52 weeks in a who knows I just may lose 25 pounds in a year.;) LOL

I'm thinking of starting a weight loss blog, where I can talk about this stuff. What I'm doing, feeling etc. I think it may be helpful for me.


Anonymous said...

I'm a reader. And I'm sure you have others too.
I think you've done pretty good considering all that you've gone thru.
Some people have two blogs to separate the topics. I know one who has a scrapbooking blog and an everyday exercise/weightloss blog.

Renee said...

me too, I'm a reader!!! I think you rock - you are 10 weeks into your WW!! Good for you!!! xoxo

Veronica said...

I totally understand...I'm trying to lose weight. It is so HARD!

Scrappytbear said...

Weight is a life-long journey; just keep going!

Rhea said...

your a tird - lots people read just not post comments silly