Monday, February 25, 2008

A Realization

Really. You know when you think things just don't get any worse?? Well they do, or they can. Jamie has been working hard at looking for a new job, he's had 2 interviews. The one dealership he walked right into an interview! Basically, he just went to drop off his resume, and apparantley 2 hours previous they had just made a posting on the human resources job bank. It seems like it was a great interview and it's always interesting to hear about them. Being in this business you always know someone that knows someone and vice versa...even better if the guy you worked for (and continue to have a good relationship with) is good friends with a potential employer. Does this all make sense? Anyways, this is the same way that Jamie got hired at Acura...walking into an interview. Acura wasn't his last job though, he left Acura to broaden... So, I'm not trying to get excited, but they did call him for a second interview and tell him they were really interested. I mean, it could still go either way, so I don't want to get my hopes up about this particular job...HOWEVER it gives me something positive, and hope...

Now the realization part.....before I started rambling. Well, things could always be worse...and no better lesson could I get than the one I got this weekend.

Jamie was walking down the stairs holding Alexander, my 3 month old, and they fell down the whole flight of stairs. I was still atop the first set, so I just heard the horrible rolling, and feeling terrified rushing down to see them both at the bottom of the stairs. Jamie still holding Alex tight. I don't know how he managed to do it, but Alexander came out completely unharmed. He had a look of confusion and fear, but he cried briefly only because I must have scared him from yelling....

Jamie escaped with some carpet burns and a sore back. It could have been bad for him as well, he has severe scoliosis and has about 14 vertebrae fused.

I feel very forunate that my boys are ok, it was truly the scariest thing that has ever happened to me as a mother. The job situation, can be changed....losing someone you love, can't.


tealeyes said...

OMG....I know how scary that must have been. When my dd was only a few months old, maybe 5?, she was in her walker, and she somehow got out the door and down a flight of old nasty stairs that curved right down to the concrete basement floor!!! Talk about panic! I was a wreck....she was fine. Looks like Jesus guided the wheels on that one! Today, we joke around that that fall is what made her as 'disturbed' as she is!! LOL Just keep up the faith in God Aleksandra! He keeps you and your loved ones safe in his embrace! I'll say a prayer that Jamie gets the job meant for him.

Iscrap said...

Aww Donna you are truly too sweet! :D
Those walkers are actually banned in Canada for that reason! Glad she turned out ok. ;)
Jamie got the job at the dealership. :D You and your family will be in my thoughts of hopes of something coming up. Maybe you need to move to Canada! ;)

tealeyes said...

So glad it all worked out for Jamie! YAY! See....prayer just works wonders!