Sunday, October 11, 2009

Officially giving it up



Tee said...

((((Aleks)))) I didn't know you have been so sad :(

I hope you are able to see your boys soon, do you think maybe Christmas break? Even if for a few days?

I wish your family wasn't so cold. :-( they will be the ones filled with regret when it's too late.

Sorry to hear life has given you a bunch of lemons. Especially when you are giving up a hobby that once made you happy. But you are right it is just stuff. I really hope things turn around. Maybe the new place can be a fresh start? xo thinking of you.

Jocelyne said...

Awww ((((Aleks)))), I wish you weren't so sad. You're such a lovely giving person and to have so much going wrong for you just doesn't seem fair. I know how you feel about not having friends. Everyone needs a friend they can confide in or even just have coffee with and have a good time with. Long gone are those days for me since I've moved here 9yrs ago.
I do hope your new home and surroundings will change things for you. But please give me a call or email and we can talk. I'll keep my msn on for you anytime you need to vent or just talk. And if you need me to call, give me your # on msn and I WILL call. xoxo