Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kir DeVries

So, awhile back Lori had this posted on her blog...and I've been drooling and dreaming since that day. Well, last week I went ahead and treated myself to some goodies and got a few things.

First of all, I want to say that the owner of Kir DeVries, amazing! She was offering free shipping over $40 and she made a coupon code for me so I could receive the same offer! She even gave me a little extra just because I was having a hard time checking out! ^.^ She is just such a wonderful lady to make a transaction with, that for SURE I will be ordering from her again in the future. And, just an FYI...she offers a flat rate of 5.95 shipping to Canada as well. This in itself is an amazing feature, because we all know there are stores that want to charge us $20+ just to send a package of brads. This kind of customer service does not go unnoticed!

So, wanna see what I got?

This awesome lunch tote. This has got to be one of my favourite colours to wear...because it makes my eyes super why not have a lunch bag in this colour. Not that I will be carrying it around my neck...but you never know, it's just that cute! ;)

Now, I already have a stainless water bottle...but WHO could resist this one?!?? The other one,I'll keep in my gym bag, it's bigger and I die of thirst when I'm working out. This will be perfect for my water at lunch! Plus, it's green! I *love* all things vintage...and these lunch boxes are NO exception! They are just toooo cute. Since I'm visiting in between clients all day, read: in my car all day...I need to have food with me all the I don't get an urge to pull into some grease joint! These just make me happy, and happy enough to pack my yummy healthy lunches! Now I just need some little condiment/sauce containers so I can bring my natural PB for rice cakes!

Elephants are my all time fave animal. They're so cute! I was so excited there was an elephant lunch box. I snagged it yup. Could that saying be ANY cuter! Even if grammatically it should say "an elephant." It just makes it that much more charming! Oh *swoon*
There are 3 or 4 other lunch boxes still on her site...and if they're still there when I order next, I'm snagging them all. Happy lunches!! Happy lunches!!
I plan on getting several of these next time as well. They're much cuter than the walmart bags I have. ;) I doubt I would forget to take these into the store with me! lol

Anyways, there you have it! If you want to check out this store, check out Kir DeVries!


Tee said...

You bad girl Aleks! You know that I'm going there to check it out now, dontcha? ;-) Enjoy your goodies!

Anonymous said...

I can't see the goodies!! *sniff* But enjoy your goodies.

Shanna said...

ACK! Lucky girl, that stuff is gorgeous! Is there a link on the blog??

Laura said...

I adore your lunch stuff Aleks...those little containers are sooo cute.

Lulu said...

Ooooh Fun shopping!!!! :) Psst.. Where did you go on facebook?

Boo said...

Oh nice stuff!!!!