Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wanna Win Ribbon for a year?? (and my blog winner!)

First of all.... Congratulations to:

Tee said...
This is a very fun blog, I go here everyday. If you have time, go through the archives :)

Send me an email/message whatever and I'll have a code set up for you!

Now... do *you* want to win a ribbon kit (of your choice) each month for a whole year???

Then check out this post:

Savvy N' Sassy

Now..I have more GC's to give away...they're getting progressively higher...but since my blog traffic isn't high right now, I'm going to hold off on the rest of the giveaways for now! But stay tuned! :)


Tee said...

Thanks Aleks! Ribbons here I come! ;) As soon as I get 2 more minutes to myself, I'll e-mail you! But more importantly, did you visit the Cakewrecks blog? There's a "wreck" Monday to Saturday, today's, WEIRD...but Sunday they feature beautiful stuff :)

Aleks said...

Omg, yes!! I totally's hilarious!!! Thanks for that link! I have one somewhere that I used last year's post (March 4) I don't know where i got it...bu it's hilarious!

BTW Tee...we need to get the girls together!! considering the dance and swim at the same place and they don't meet!