Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas' Past

I haven't been scrapbooking much lately, I'm just not feeling motivated lately... then I always contemplate whether I should just get rid of everything or what the heck scrap at my own pace!

At this point I have SOOO much stuff, not really a whole lot of embellishments..but for sure a lot of paper that this year..I'm not going to go mental buying stuff. It's kind of my goal to use up stuff I have. I find I'm at the point, that I don't know what to use because there is so much stuff. So my plan will be to buy the essentials as I need them, and if something catches my eye for something specific I will use shortly after I purchase it.

I made this layout over a couple days though..yes I'm slow..I just don't have a lot of time now working full time, but I'm pretty happy with it. There's a few little things I scraplifted like the handcut scalloped border..well I love that! I really loved using these old BG papers as well, that I've never used. *blush*

It's a vintage pic of me and my sister...and my brother, who's head is cut mother never was good at taking pictures.. :o

Mikolaj is santa in Polish. He comes on December 6. The "l" is actually supposed to be an l with a slanted line through it, and is pronounced as if it were a "w". The j is pronounced as an "i" (Pronounciation: me-KO-why)


Anonymous said...

Very nice LO!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

redmom said...

Beautiful Aleks!! I love that green paper, perfect for that vintage photo!